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72109 Lecture Notes

Teaching resources from previous years

2009-2010 Lectures
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Lecture No.
Additional Material (movies and reading)
1. What is life?
(Last update: 21.10.09)
Dr. Benny Aroeti Sea creatures
Slime mold
The search for life's origins
Curiosity creates cures
Characteristics of science
The origin of life on Earth
Genes; certainly not everything
"The fathers have eaten sour grapes-
and the children's teeth are set on edge"
2.The elements of life
(Last update: 21.10.09)
Dr. Benny Aroeti 
3.Biomolecules 1- Proteins
(Last update: 27.10.09)
Dr. Benny Aroetialpha-helix
alpha-helix with side chains
4.Biomolecules 2- Sugars and DNADr. Benny AroetiDNA structure 
5.DNA ReplicationDr. Benny AroetiChromosome coiling
DNA replication
Replication fork
Telomere replication 
6.RNA transcription and translationDr. Benny AroetiTranscription
mRNA processing 
7.Protein synthesis and processingDr. Benny AroetiTranslation I
Translation II
8.Cells are tiny and transparentDr. Benny Aroeti 
9.RNA interference
(Last update: 19.11.09)
Dr. Benny Aroeti 
10.Energy to fuel the cell and
Enzymes for speeding up reactions
(Last update: 19.11.09)
Dr. Benny AroetiHow enzymes work
11.The plasma membrane- the edge of lifeDr. Benny AroetiLipids
Laser tweezers
Membrane fluidity
12.Cell recognition and Ion transportDr. Benny AroetiNa/K pump
Contact inhibition
13.CytoskeletonDr. Benny AroetiMicrotubules
Microtubule instability
Actin dynamics
Actin polymerization
Cell motility
14.Cells can eat and secreteDr. Benny AroetiMicrotubule assembly
Kinesin transport protein
Cell transport
Grinstein eating beads

Tour of an animal cell
15.Introduction, the cell and body planProf. Eduardo MitraniTyler ch. 9
Tyler ch. 10
16.Introduction and basic concepts of development
(Last update: 5.1.10)
Prof. Eduardo Mitrani 
17.Body plan- typical vertebrate, segmentation
(Last update: 5.1.10)
Prof. Eduardo Mitrani 
18.Body plan- neural tube formation
(Last update: 5.1.10)
Prof. Eduardo Mitrani 
19.Body plan- Molecules determining anterio-posterio
and dorso-ventral identity

(Last update: 5.1.10)
Prof. Eduardo Mitrani 
(Last update: 5.1.10)
Prof. Eduardo MitraniMuscles 1
Muscles 2
21.Plasticity and Cloning
(Last update: 5.1.10)
Prof. Eduardo Mitrani 
22.Tissue regeneration
(Last update: 10.1.10)
Prof. Eduardo MitraniAntlers (LQ)
Antlers (HQ)
23.Stem CellsProf. Eduardo MitraniBone repair
Stem cells and the end of aging
24.Plant DevelopmentDr. Rachel GreenHelp page
25.Plant hormonesDr. Rachel GreenHelp page
26.IntroductionProf. Rachel Nechushtai 
27.PhotosynthesisProf. Rachel Nechushtai 

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