Cancer Antigen 1

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Previous experiments done in your lab revealed the existence of Cancer Antigen 1 - a (fictional) protein that is expressed very early during breast cancer development, is secreted to the blood, and can be detected in a simple blood test. Its size is about 16 Kd (1 dalton = 1 gr/mol). Naturally you are very excited and plan to develop a screening and monitoring system for early detection of breast cancer. You have already obtained antibodies against this antigen. You will now use them in order to screen cDNA libraries and isolate the cDNA clone encoding this protein.

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1. What kind of libraries should you use? (Choose the best option.)

a. Genomic library of mouse.
b. Human genomic library.
c. Commercial cDNA library derived by RT-PCR from breast m-RNAs.
d. "Home made" cDNA library derived by RT-PCR from malignant breast tissue expressing cancer antigen 1.