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L.Stryer  - Biochemistry, 3rd ed. 19884th ed. 1995  
Lodish, Harvey etc - Molecular cell biology,  3rd ed. 19954th ed. 2000  
Alberts, Bruce - Molecular biology of the cell, 2nd ed. 19893rd ed. 1994   
 Levitzki, Alexander - Quantitative aspects of allosteric mechanisms, 1st ed. 1978  
Levitzki, Alexander - Receptors, a quantitative approach,  1st ed. 1984  
 Gomperts B.et. al. - Signal Transduction, 1st ed. 2002  

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Braun- lecture 1 Exp Cell Res 2003 284 31-53.pdf J Cell Biol 1995 129 47-54.pdf  
Braun- lecture 2 MAPK Review J Derm Sci 1996 12 255-62.pdf MAPK- Bell et al.2001.pdf  
Braun- lecture 3 Review 1 PTP Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 2006 7 833-846.pdf Review 2 PTP Biochem J 2007 402 1-15.pdf  Targil 3- PNAS 1997 94 1680-1685.pdf
Braun - lecture 5 Regulation of apoptosis    
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