Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, How can I express the Best Protein of All?

Written by: Nurit Kleinberger Doron
Based on Experimental Results of Noa Gil & Tsafi Danieli

During this tutorial you'll gather data about the viral protein NS4B using various bioinformatic tools. You'll use this information to design expression experiments.
Analysis of primary results derived from these experiments may suggest the need for further bioinformatic characterization, which may in turn lead to refinement of the expresion experiments and to improvement of the quality and quantity of the expressed protein.

This is the Nature of Our Work!

This tutorial is comprised of several multiple-choice questions. The different answers will lead you to additional comments and explanations. Wrong answers can lead you to valuable comments and insights, so don't rush through the tutorial.

Take your time and examine several possibilities during each step.
Enjoy yourself!