Cloning Technology

Written by: Erez Podoly, Tsafi Danielli, Nurit Kleinberger-Doron

Cloning is known to be a long and frustrating procedure. Usually, the rate limiting step in traditional cloning procedures is the ligation reaction. Recently, a few companies developed an alternative way for cloning which replaces ligation with recombination (as you'll soon see). We'll introduce here the system developed by Gibco-BRL: The Gateway Cloning System.
The purpose of this tutorial is to let you experiment with this method and learn to avoid possible problems associated with it.You will  perform various virtual experiments. Each experiment will be followed by several multiple choice questions. The different answers will lead you to additional comments and explanations. Wrong answers can lead you to valuable comments and insights, so don't rush through the tutorial.

Take your time and examine several possibilities during each step.
Enjoy yourself!