Sequencing of the gene has allowed us to determine the primary amino acid composition of the enzyme. Our first task is to determine the physical characteristics of the protein in order to develop a purification strategy. The amino acid sequence of the enzyme Macho-ase, is given below in Fasta format:

mgkvkvgvngfgrigrlvtraafnsgkvdivaindpfidlnymvymfqydsthgkfhgtvkaengklvin gnpitifqerdpskikwgdagaeyvvestgvfttmekagahlqggakrviisapsadapmfvmgvnheky dnslkiisnascttnclaplakvihdnfgiveglmttvhaitatqktvdgpsg

Click here to open a second window showing the “Compute pI/MW tool
Copy the sequence above into the appropriate box in the “Compute” window.
Now press the button “click here to compute” at the bottom of the "Compute" window.
The calculated molecular weight and pI for Macho-ase are:
  1. 8.49 / 200662.69
  2. 8.49 / 20662.69
  3. 4.89 / 20662.69