Purifying the enzyme Macho-ase

Written by: Allan Bar-Sinai  & Nurit Kleinberger-Doron

The results shown in this tutorial are based on the work of Dr. Mario Lebendiker, head of the Protein Purification Unit in the Institute of Life Sciences.



Scientists at the center for diet research have isolated a fictional gene for an enzyme, which converts fat into muscle, thus enhancing body building. Naturally, it is extremely important to purify this enzyme, named Macho-ase, so that scientists (and others) can use it to impress the opposite sex (as illustrated below):

Love is in the air

Developing a purification strategy for this enzyme is the object of this tutorial.

In the course of this tutorial you will  first learn a few rules, and then perform a set of virtual experiments. Each experiment will be followed by several multiple choice questions. The different answers will lead you to additional comments and explanations. Wrong answers can lead you to valuable comments and insights, so don't rush through the tutorial. Take your time and examine several possibilities during each step.
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