Getting the complete sequence of pGEM from Promega's site
  1. To get a new window showing Promega's site click here (you may have to choose a country from the list).
  2. Enter the term pGEM in the search box and press the search button.
  3. Scroll down the list till you get to the link "pGEM7zf(+) vectorss" and click on it..
  4. Scroll down and click on the link TB048 .
  5. Click on the link to the full text version .
You just opened a PDF document which gives you a lot of information about this plasmid (i.e the circle map of the vector, a list of restriction enzymes cutting its sequence 1-5 times, the full sequence of the vector, etc.) The following illustration was taken from the third page of this PDF file. To make sure you understand the standard symbols in such maps, please answer the following questions. (If you find the questions too simple, please excuse us.) 


This plasmid confers resistance to:
  1. Kanamycin
  2. lacZ
  3. ScaI
  4. Ampicilin
  5. 7zf(+)