TeachLine -Goals and Structure
Remember those days?
We offer our students an e-learning experience as well.

The TeachLine site was originated by Dr. Nurit Kleinberger-Doron in 1997. Today it contains over 80 web-sites for courses taught in the Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences. These web sites allow the students to use the internet as a multimedia means for study and research exploiting various resources and applications.

Our goal is to create for each of the courses a website that offers course materials developed by  Hebrew University staff and further enrichment collected from all over the cyberspace. The course sites include the following materials:

Browse through some websites of different courses:

From a Cell to an Organism - for first year students.
Advanced Biochemistry: Membrane Mediated Molecular Processes - for second year students.
Protein Expression and Purification Workshop - a lab course for advanced studies.
Functional Genomics - a lab course for advanced studies.

Examine some interactive tutorials:
Cancer Antigen 1.
Purifying the Enzyme Macho-ase.

Look at the students feedback for some of the tutorials.

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