Now that we learnt the necessary information about the two plasmids involved in the cloning process (pGEM-GOI and pQE-60), it's high time to use the CloneIt software.
Stop and wait for a shortexplanation by the lecturer.

To open a new window showing pQE-60 in fasta format, click here.
To open another window showing CloneIt, click here.
If you closed the window showing  pGEM-GOI in fasta format, click here.
Now go to the CloneIt window and follow the instruction:

  1. Copy and paste the sequences of pGEM-GOI and pQE-60 to the their appropriate places within the  CloneIT window.
  2. Use the plasmids pages to write the positions of the ATG and cloning boxes in the appropriate places within the CloneIt window.
  3. Scroll down to parameters and choose the option "just use classical enzymes". Make sure that all the other options are not marked.
  4. Scroll further down and press the CloneIt button.
Three solutions are suggested. First we'll examine the second solution.
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